Adventure Course

The Adventure Course is a treasure hunt for families or friends on the estate of a castle of the Loire Valley. Are you up to the challenge?

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The Adventure Course, a treasure hunt in the middle of the forest!

You may have already heard of treasure hunts? But how about in a “Chateau of the Loire Valley” fashion?

The Château de la Ferté Saint-Aubin invites you and your family or friends on a mysterious tour in its authentic and incredible historical setting.

The idea? To dive into an exceptional enigma taking place in the castle’s 50-hectare historical park. Only a stone’s throw from the Loire valley and a 20-minute drive from Orléans.

No doubt you will make lots of wonderful memories with your family or friends, right between the Loire Valley and the Sologne!

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The plot of the treasure hunt: an affair of Poisons!

The story

Our treasure hunt invites you to step back in time. More precisely, back in 1682, during the reign of Louis XIV. That year, the dreadful affair of the Poisons shakes the entire French aristocracy. Indeed, poisoning is the cause of many deaths in some prestigious families of the nobility. Yet, no one manages to know what product is being used or understand what exactly is happening.

At the same time, at the Château, marshal de la Ferté is old and ill. So ill and weak that he must lie down to rest. A messenger from the king arrives at the castle to inform the marshal’s family that poisoners are hiding inside the woods of the Château de la Ferté…

The goal of the treasure hunt

Go on an adventure in the 40-hectare historical park, where the (in)famous poisoner La Voisin is hiding. On an adventure strewn with pitfalls, children and adults will have to join forces to achieve their goal… Decipher clues and piece together the recipe for the very much needed antidote!

Good to know

The tour can adapt to the composition of each group and will entertain all participants; may they be young adventurers or bold grown-ups! It is however only recommended for children aged 6 or more in order to plainly enjoy the puzzles. If you come with a baby, please note that the estate is inaccessible to strollers. You will have to bring a baby carrier.

What our adventurers think!

Victorien M.

The park is huge and we can walk and picnic freely there. We did the Poison Course in the forest – ideal to have a good time, solve puzzles and stay cool. I recommend it to spend a half-day/day with your family.

Claire M.

Great experience at the Château de la Ferté. We did the entire thing and it was amazing. The affair of the poisons takes us on this great unconventional walk through the park of the castle (sports activity, and you need to squeeze through branches to follow the path). The puzzles are nice and the kids really liked it, so did their parents.

T. M.

Small castle filled with great surprises. Outside, the Adventure Course is very diverting and very well organized. We spent a very nice afternoon!


Recommended age

From age 6


About 2h


June to September

2024 prices

Adventure Course (access to park only)

From 7€ to 9€

Combined ticket Castle + Adventure Course

From 11,50€ to 15,50€

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the summer season (July-August), a ticket ‘Nature-Adventure’ is available in order to visit only the exterior. Outside that period, the Adventure Course is included in the combined tickets with an access to the castle.
No. The Poisons Course is inaccessible to strollers (hanging bridges, uneven grounds at some places). The baby carrier is strongly recommended.
We do not recommend it for elderly people and pregnant women. The Course lasts about 2h, and is more than 3km long. People who are not in good physical condition may have difficulties getting through some parts of the Course.
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